pc connects to internet on startup

  EmptyJay 19:19 31 May 2003

On starting up (W98SE) my pc connects to the internet automatically, and i don't want it to do so. Any suggestions?

  Lú-tzé 19:29 31 May 2003

Right click on the Internet explorer icon on the desktop and go to properties or in internet explorer 5+ go to tools > Internet Options, both will lead you to the same place, then click the "Connection" Tab, then check to see if the "Never dial a connection" radio button has a dot in it...

Also, check the programs that are loading at startup - some of them may be trying to connect.

Get a spyware checker - eg AdAware - click here

  mr gee 20:27 31 May 2003

have you got windows up set to automatic? that will cause it to try and connect and as the previous reply many programmes including outlook express will tryto log on if they think they have to so check anything that might want to connect, outlook, virus checker, firewall update etc:

  oglemire 22:25 31 May 2003

As mr gee suggests this would be caused by a process running on your pc accessing the internet... if you are unsure what it could be the first thing to do would be to run a virus scan with up to date sgnature files.... if you download and install zone alarm it will sit in your system tray and display a popup when ever an unathorised program attempts to access the web.. this may help you to nail down the culprit. You can then block this acessing the internet.

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