PC Connection Speed help

  Mythionis 23:43 28 Oct 2013

I use a Dell Inspirion M5010 and the past few days, it would slow down significantly for no reason. I've run multiple virus tests and my laptop is clean. I've cleared things like temp files, and made sure that I defragmented my drive, etc. I would be able to just play games or even just browse around and watch videos no problem, and out of nowhere everything would either slow down or not load at all. I thought it was a wifi problem after I made sure my pc was clean by restarting my router and reconnecting but my pc would still be slow. After a while, it goes back to normal, but these lag spikes are very annoying. Does anybody know what the problem could be? I use TWC as my internet provider. I also use Firefox and Windows 7.

  Mythionis 00:05 29 Oct 2013

Yes. I've checked it during the spikes I had about an hour ago and the most intensive thing I had running was Firefox. I had nothing else open but everything was still extremely slow.

  Mythionis 02:22 29 Oct 2013

Please. This gets really bothersome and I have no idea what to do about it. My wifi still has full bars whenever it does.

  Mythionis 07:24 29 Oct 2013

It doesn't happen at set times. It happens randomly at different times throughout the day. Sometimes it lasts a few minutes and sometimes almost 30. And like I said, it even happens when the only thing I have running is Firefox.

  kanika 08:09 29 Oct 2013

i understand your problem because I have seen the same situation then my friend suggest me to install Optimo Pro software.It is very beneficial for removing unnecessary junk files and invalid registry entries. You can also install it.

  Batch 08:46 29 Oct 2013

You've give this thread the title "PC Connection Speed help", but most of the postings are focused on the PC speed rather than the connection speed.

Might be useful if you could clarify whether you see the issue as a LAN/Internet speed issue or a PC speed issue regardless of LAN/Internet.

  Batch 08:47 29 Oct 2013

BTW, ignore the posting from kanika - it looks like a spam posting.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:24 29 Oct 2013

It may slow while indexing, windows will index all files and folders on a regular basis which will cause the machine to slow.

Switch of indexing

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