PC connection to GX10i picture phone

  billy 18:45 14 Feb 2004

I've got Sharp GX10i picture nobr> a class="iAs" style="border-bottom:darkgreen 1px solid;text-decoration:underline;color:darkgreen;background-color:transparent;" href="click here=" target="_blank" oncontextmenu="return false;" onmouseover="kwE(event,1);" onmouseout="kwL(event);" onmousemove="kwM(1);">phone /a> /nobr> ad got a serial cable to connect it to the PC. I have loaded software off Sharp site but when I try to connect PC to phone I get the program screen up saying "trying to connect to phone" but it never does, Anyone else got around this problem? P.S> instructions with software are rubbish. Vodaphone helpdesk are trying but nothing works yet.

  billy 14:47 15 Feb 2004

Anyone able to help? PLease?

  onokeck 13:22 20 Nov 2004

I have the same phone and I too bought a data transfer cable and had the same problem. I contacted Sharp and was told in no uncertain terms that you cannot transfer pictures from the GX10i directly to the computer. Don't ask me why they sell a DTC for the bloody thing! Casey

  throwitoutthewindow 20:23 22 Nov 2004


So I am not the only one that feels cheated.

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