PC Computer Wifi Connection Is Bad

  Brandonnng45 21:01 06 Dec 2016

Hi my computer connection is very bad. on my laptop, phone, ipad and xbox 360/one its good. on my computer, youtube videos take a while to buffer and they pause in the middle every 5 mins or so. webpages freeze every 5-10 mins and online games disconnect me with a connection error. im using Windows 10 and im wired with ethernet to my router. I've even tried restarting the PC and it didnt work.

  Belatucadrus 21:59 06 Dec 2016

Please clarify how your W10 is connected to the router, you start off saying it's a WiFi problem then say your connection is wired ethernet.

If the W10 does have WiFi try disconnecting the ethernet cable, if there's a cable connection issue removing it should make the PC default to the WiFi link.

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