PC Component Check Application?

  Sibbo 23:23 26 Aug 2005

I'm having problems with my PC and I was wondering if there was any software that would test out motherboards, hard drives, memory etc. to see if they were due to fail? TIA

  Pesala 23:30 26 Aug 2005

Belarc Advisor (609K) click here System information

Bios Agent (311K) click here Identify your BIOS and other system information.

Everest (2,711) click here System Diagnostics (=Aida)

  Pesala 23:31 26 Aug 2005

Motherboard Monitor (1,736K) click here Monitors temperatures etc.

  DieSse 23:31 26 Aug 2005

"to see if they were due to fail?"

Pretty unlikely if you think about it - if they haven't failed yet - how would you find anything?

However - with hard drives there is one answer SMART. Read about SMART and download a trial click here

Also Everest click here (free home use version) will also give you a SMART reading free.

And you can enable SMART in the system BIOS.

Otherwise you'll have to use tests that either work or don't - several RAM test programs are available.

  DieSse 23:32 26 Aug 2005

"I'm having problems with my PC"

Tell us what the problems are - this forum is here to help you solve them.

  Sibbo 09:16 27 Aug 2005

Thanks for the replies. The reason for the brief details was so that I could ensure that I could actually post the problem before my PC crashed.

  Sibbo 09:22 27 Aug 2005

I've had the problem twice before. Delayed read/write warnings from the Taskbar (yellow triangle and info' balloon) which state that data has not been saved to various directories, promptly followed by blue screen errors. Upon reboot the PC stalls on the POST screens. If the PC does start up OK , then it crashes after approx. 30-40 minutes, even if nothing is being done on it. It tends to be really quiet as you would expect, and then get really noisy which could be fans, but I'm only guessing. The Hard Drive was changed the first time by my PC vendor, and more recently the Graphics Card that had shorted.

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