PC is completely dead

  Blumo 22:10 26 Oct 2007

My brother-in-law switched on his PC after it not being used for a while and nothing happened - no noises, no lights on base unit, nothing appeared on screen, complete silence. Being the helpful sort I am, I said no problem, I'll fix it. Looked on the internet for advice and came to conclusion that the power supply had failed so I bought a new one. Fitted the new supply and nothing happened again! I have an old P3 PC that still works OK so I swopped its power suplly with both the 'broken' one and the new one and guess what, they both worked fine!! So, where do I go from here? Any suggestions would be appreciated! PC has a MS6534 motherboard in it so its around 4 years old.

  Jak_1 22:14 26 Oct 2007

Have you checked the fuse in the plug?

  woodchip 22:25 26 Oct 2007

Electronics do not like to be stood, the connectors get tarnish on them. I would first try this Remove All Drive Ribbon cables Check to see if it will boot to DOS. You can just hold the button in to turn it off it cannot do any harm.

  Blumo 11:34 27 Oct 2007

Tried these this morning, no change, still completely dead. Any other options?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:43 27 Oct 2007

Have you checked that the on/off switch on the back of the computer has not been moved? have you used another power lead?


  thms 11:45 27 Oct 2007

Could be the power switch on the base unit.
Also check wall socket, try plugging something else in to see if it is working.

  Crazygeorge3 12:59 27 Oct 2007

This is exactly how my old Dell PC died, it turned out to be a motherboard failure.

  Blumo 15:17 29 Oct 2007

Tried all of these - no luck. Even removed motherboard, removed cards and tried to power it up then, still nothing. I'll keep trying other options as I find them on the internet and post back the outcome!

  woodchip 15:22 29 Oct 2007

Looks like Mobo or and CPU died

  DieSse 15:49 29 Oct 2007

If nothing at all - then it's 98% probable it's the motherboard. 1% chance it's to do with the switch on the case. 1% something else.

You can start a system without the case switch if you're careful.

Take of the cable from the case switch and momentarily short the two pins it was on together. It only needs a momentary short to start up - if it starts it should keep running on it's own

If you haven't got a manual find one here click here

  Ex plorer 15:51 29 Oct 2007

Hi try a new lead 5amp fuse is needed in the plug.

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