pc colour problem help needed please

  annie35 21:25 25 Jan 2003

i am on my sons pc at the moment and will try to describe the problem. the colours have mostly went away and most of what i can see is white the pc was ok a couple of hours ago and now it looks terrible. i ran belarc advisor on the pc as i dont know much about it having got is second hand and did not get any manuals or cd,s with it i can post the spec of the pc if you need it. any help with this problem would be good.

another little thing i was wanting to as is i seen another post asking if there was a book you can buy to give me a little more info into repairing pc,s as i seem to be getting friends and family that ask me to help them out when there pc,s have problems and i would like to learn more on the subject.

thanks annie

  howard60 21:47 25 Jan 2003

these can cause the colour to fade. If you switch off and then back on is the colour then ok for a while? On some monitors there is a button marked degauzz which clears out the effects of magnetism. Books are great if you need them but in the main they never tell you exactly what to do. the best bet is to type the symptom into google and see what comes up.

  annie35 21:58 25 Jan 2003

no its not near a magnetic source i have tried going into properties and checking the colours there and all the usual choices are there and i am on 32 bit high colour just now but i have tried all the other colour options and i have restarted the pc a few times as well.the only changes made to the pc are that my son downloaded a game from downloads.com do u think that could affect the colours.


  pj123 22:04 25 Jan 2003

Check the cable connection at the PC end.

Unplug it and plug it back in again and make sure its tight. It can sometimes become loose after a while.


  annie35 22:33 25 Jan 2003

in the middle of downloading agv virus software and will check the cable connection after that is finished downloading.

  annie35 23:23 25 Jan 2003

hi pete
turned off the pc and did what you suggested and still no joy. i did notice however that when the splash screen for windows 98 came up it was in perfect colour.i finished downloading my virus software and it needs a serial key to be installed and the one it sent me did not work can you suggest another free download of virus software.

thanks annie

  annie35 12:16 26 Jan 2003

hi there i was hoping you had not forgotten me and my problem if there is any more suggestions from the forum i will be in the forum for the next couple of hours.


  pj123 14:22 26 Jan 2003

The serial key needs to be entered exactly as it is. that is all in capitals and with the hyphens?

Re the colour problem. I will talk to my friend who is a PC engineer and see if he can come up with a solution. will contact you soon.


  annie35 14:57 26 Jan 2003

pj123 thanks for the reply i tried to put in the serial number in both upper case and lower case and it says wrong password after 3rd attempt it says aborted i have tried several times but in the end gave up.i will wait on your reply to my colours problem.

thanks annie

  Old PC man 15:45 26 Jan 2003

From your description it would seem that the wrong vieo drivers are being loaded. I deduced this from you saying the splash screen looked OK. Try starting in safe mode (to do this shut down computer and restart whilst holding down the delete key). If the colour is OK you will need to remove the drivers and reinstall the latest ones for your video card from the manufacturers website.

  Old PC man 15:47 26 Jan 2003

Doh! Video drivers should be inserted instead of vieo.


John /#)

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