PC Clock problems

  Southernboy 16:01 18 Jan 2005

On Thursday of last week, I switched on my PC and noticed that the clock (which has kept near-perfect time for 6 years) was over one hour slow. I set the correctime and tried to backup up everything, in case there was a battery problem. Opening My Computer, the PC kept freezing and it took ages to open drives and copy/paste files.

The next day, the clock was 4 hours slow, but I did not experience any undue problems in working. Again, I reset the clock to the correct time.

Then, on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, the clock appeared to be working normally, and lost little more than a couple of minutes.

This PC has never been connected to the internet, so it cannot be a virus, and I have not installed and programs for the last 5 years.

I realise it is difficult, but has anyone any ideas? If the battery is the problem, why did the problem not reoccur during the last three days? Could it be intermittant?

  Chezdez 16:03 18 Jan 2005

just try replacing the battery, that would seem to be the first solution. i can't think of anything else that would cause the clock to slow down.....

  Graham ® 17:40 18 Jan 2005

If it's travelling near the speed of light it would slow down.

  Chezdez 19:18 18 Jan 2005

i'm pretty sure we can rule out that possibility.....

  Southernboy 07:37 19 Jan 2005

the reply by Graham. Was it intended to be a joke?

Chezdez - I have absolutely no idea how to change the battery. I have never opened the case and would be very nervous of doing so.

In any event, how would I get a battery? I am told it is part of the motherboard and I have no idea what motherboard I have or even, after over 6 years, whether it is still possible to get batteries for it. It may be long obsolete.

Further advice would be welcome.

  Southernboy 07:40 19 Jan 2005

as the clock now appears to be running normally, is it likely to be a battery problem? Does imminent battery failure act like this. I would have thought that, once it slowed down, a return to normal running would be unlikely.

Could there be any other reason?

  VoG II 07:44 19 Jan 2005

How to change the battery click here

Find out what motherboard you've got click here

  Southernboy 08:36 19 Jan 2005

Thanks, but my home PC is not connected to the internet, so I cannot use the utility you suggest.

  Chezdez 10:23 19 Jan 2005

i think grahams reply was a joke :P

can you not download the program on a friends computer, and then burn the utility to a CD?

as for changing the battery, if your really not sure, don't do it. ask around, maybe one of your friends will know how to do it?

  Southernboy 13:24 19 Jan 2005

Unfortunately, the PC I am allowed to use for internet access does not permit downloading. None of my friends have PCs, or are even PC-literate. They are all OAPs.

Likewise, I know of no one who will change a battery. I came to PCs very late in life and, although I can use it for writing letters, magazine articles and compiling databases, as well as managing the household finances, that is the limit of my knowledge. I have absolutely no idea what goes on "under the bonnet" and am not a practical person, so would not be brave enough to open up the case.

Thank you for your advice. Although I am still not clear if I have battery problem, given that the clock has operated normally for the last few days. I will see what it is like when I get home today.

  FelixTCat 16:26 19 Jan 2005


It is almost certainly the battery.

Don't worry about it. All the battery does is run the clock. For many purposes, it doesn't matter whether the clock is right or wrong - it only matters if date/time stamping is important to you for incremental back-ups etc (You do back up, don't you!)

If you are bothered, simply reset the clock each time you start the computer.

You might consider joining a local pc group if there is one near to you. I am sure that someone there would be happy to help you. You can find their details on the internet or possibly at the library.

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