PC Cleaner Pro is turned off -

  Diemmess 10:52 28 Sep 2012

That is the message which appears in a balloon at the bottom of my desktop page after booting. (XP Pro)

Clicking the balloon takes me to Microsoft Security Centre which announces that Firewall and Automatic Updates are ON while Virus Protection is OFF

Several members recommend allowing an updated XP SP3 to look after AV but but add firewall. They imply that XP is protection enough for Virus problems. I have run my system for a couple of months without an anti-virus program having removed Avast which was forever scanning and announcing that it has "bin updaded"

A search For "PC Cleaner Pro" finds nothing. I regularly run Malwarebytes and CCleaner all without finding anything nasty.

Like many I have not only used recommended freebies AV and Firewall, but have tried to streamline my system which of course can clog with endless upgrades and bloating from these safegards.

Am I "living dangerously" or can I continue to allow XP to cope with Virus threats?

  rdave13 11:18 28 Sep 2012

This from Malwarebytes and this from BleepingComputer. You might have had PC Cleaner Pro installed but now removed? My humble opinion is that you're living dangerously. Having said that, just helped a neighbour with connection problems and she runs no anti anything and has been doing so for two years, on XP.

  Woolwell 12:41 28 Sep 2012

Several members recommend allowing an updated XP SP3 to look after AV but but add firewall. Who?

XP by itself has little or no anti-virus protection. You should use a product like Microsoft Security Essentials or AVG or any of the other products. Malwarebytes is an addition to an anti-virus program. The XP firewall is poor (one way only) and you should add a firewall program.

  Diemmess 14:39 28 Sep 2012

Thank you both.

I have installed Microsoft Security Essentials, it seems neat and no nonsense.

Sorry not to be able to say who suggested doing without an AV program. Possibly misunderstood that I must install MES instead.

I changed from Zone Alarm to Comodo some months ago and feel a sense of jumping from frying pan ... fire. Icons all over the Desktop.

Will stay with Malwarebites. It works but is it any better than MES, not that it has ever reported anything!

Finally Comodo, do either of you have strong feelings about a free firewall?

  Woolwell 14:48 28 Sep 2012

Malwarebytes free is an addition to MSE (it doesn't replace it). It's good and the fact that it hasn't reported anything is a good sign.

Sorry - I don't use the free firewalls. I have Kaspersky Suite free with my banking so don't require the other firewalls.

  Diemmess 15:04 28 Sep 2012

Yes thanks Woolwell, I keep Malwarebytes as a separate program and I do run it anyway about weekly or if there has been a stall in an otherwise smooth running procedure.

Perhaps rdave13 - can you recommend a no-nonsense free firewall, I'll happily return to ZA or stay with Comodo, or..... a better suggestion?

  rdave13 23:29 28 Sep 2012

I use PC Tools free firewall on my XP netbook. Quite light on resources but a bit of a nagger when updating or installing programs. I've got used to it.

  Diemmess 09:49 30 Sep 2012

Another thankyou, AOK.

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