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  Bluesmoon 09:56 08 Feb 2004

I am having a new PC next week and passing this one on to my daughter. I have to copy all my folders/files on to floppys to transfer them. Any ideas:
1. How can I ensure that all my documents/folders/files etc have been deleted from this PC
2. Can I keep "favourites" to copy on to my new one
3. I have Corel Print House to give me reminders does anyone know if this can be copied or if I will have to set up all the dates up again
4. I have deleted some profiles but when I finally delete mine how do I get rid of the box (I know I can just cancel) but would like it to go directly to one screeen as it did when it was new.

Finally (I think) This is Windows 98 my new one is XP - any tips

Any hints/tips/advice at this traumatic time would be really appreciated - thanks a lot

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:06 08 Feb 2004

Set up a file on your desktop and call it 'Backup'. Copy all information in your folders/documents to it. In the backup folder create another folder 'favourites'...copy all the files from your favourites folder into it. make a note of your connection settings so that you can manually set them up on the new computer. Save all your email addresses as CSV files...file export-address book-CSV. You may need a couple of floppies and check the floppies, when written, to ensure that the info is not corrupted. When you get your new computer transfer all the info and ensure that it is all working and present/correct. Then all you have to do is delete any files on your old computer and empty the recycle bin.

Unless you are a spook from MI5/Mossad/CIA this will be more than sufficient. You could also reformat or use the restore disk if you have one. Do not touch the old computer until you are CERTAIN that you have copied everything over.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:07 08 Feb 2004

...oh, the Corel thingy will have to be reset.


  Diodorus Siculus 10:08 08 Feb 2004

Not possible to make date unrecoverable, short of thrashing the hard disk... but such an action would suggest real paranoia.

If you are worried about what might be recovered:

Get a utility like Eraser and use it to delete your data; it can also do a wipe of free space on the hard disk. For the most part, that will be good enough.

Best to delete all that you don't want with Eraser, then format and reinstall the OS. Then run eraser to wipe free space and then install whatever other software you are passing on with the PC.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:21 08 Feb 2004

He/she is passing the computer to his daughter not the Serious Crime Squad. Bit of overkill there?


  Bluesmoon 10:25 08 Feb 2004

No I don't have anything that is TOP secret. Nothing exciting like that. Wish there was!

  Bluesmoon 19:51 17 Feb 2004

Thank a lot both of you for your advice - here we go - this is scary!

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