PC CILLIN is slowing down my PC

  craig1967 16:08 02 Apr 2003

My os is XP home edition and i am running PC cillin as my virus protection,but it seems to slow my computer down to very slow when i engage the real time scan. i have a 1.7 gig processor which is quick enough when pc cillin is off i also have 256meg ram can anyone tell me how i can keep the virus protection and the speed of my computer

  MAJ 16:15 02 Apr 2003

You could dump PC-Cillin and install AVG instead, craig1967. click here

  galatic door 16:16 02 Apr 2003

why don't you go and get AVG anti virus software from click here
it is better than pc cillian
i used to have it and it slowed my pc down.
it is free as well and i think a lot of the other helpers in here swear by it as well

  galatic door 16:17 02 Apr 2003

Sorry about that MAJ
u beat me to it

  Bebee 16:19 02 Apr 2003

I haven't got an answer, but I am running PC-cillin as virus protection and firewall. It does slow up the startup process, but once up and running I don't notice a real problem with speed. I'm running Windows ME on a laptop with a 600mhz processor. I just added 128MB ram to a the 64 it had and this increased speed. I'm not sure what your problem is or whether there are issues with XP. I just wondered if there were other issues involved. I might disable mine for a while and see what happens.

There are other free antivirus progs you could try and see what difference it makes (e.g. AVG click here )

  Bebee 16:20 02 Apr 2003

You all beat me to it!

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