PC Cillin serial number

  thospot 16:46 13 May 2005

I have inadvertantly entered the wrong serial number when registering for the latest PC Cillin Internet Security, consequently I cannot get any updates and their 'help' people have told me to go into the registry and delete the old number and then register with the new number. I've had a look in the registry but can't make head nor tales of it. Can anyone talk me through it in one syllable words please?.......

  Completealias 17:07 13 May 2005

Im not totally sure where the product key information is stored but I should imagine the main folder would be in hkey_local_machine and then software then look for a folder that refers to PC cillin it will probably be listed under the manufacturers name eg sysmantec corp for norton. Then have a look in that folder to see if you can find the product key.

Make sure you make a system restore point though before you change anything in the registry as if you go wrong you'll end up with problems

  agarm11 17:08 13 May 2005

OK I just found my PC-Cillin serial number in the registry, heres how:

Go Start, Run
And type in the box REGEDIT
In the registry browse to My Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Trendmicro\PC-cillin

In the right side of regedit you should now see "register no.", the value on the far right is your serial number.

If that doesnt work go into regedit as before, and press F3 to search, in the box type "register no."
That should take you straight to it.

  agarm11 17:11 13 May 2005

Good advice from Completealias, set a system restore point before you delete just to be on the safeside.

  thospot 17:20 13 May 2005

Thank you very much completealias and agarm11. I will very carefully have a go at it and let you know later on (if I haven't ballsed it all up).

  thospot 17:50 13 May 2005

I found the serial no. by using the F3 button and deleted it. I didn't set a restore point because I didn't know how.....It is so gratifying when something goes right especially when you don't know what you are doing at the beginning. Thanks to you two. Cheers.. I will now try to sort PC Cillin out.......

  Completealias 14:41 15 May 2005

For the future you can set a system restore point by

start / all programs / accessories / system tools / system restore

and then create a restore point give it a meaning full name and then create

  thospot 14:57 15 May 2005

I've learned even more now. Thanks Completealias. Will certainly have a go later....

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