Pc-Cillin good price?

  grumpano 12:45 27 Mar 2005

My Norton 2003 is about to expire so i'm thinking of geting Pc-Cillin. Can anybody tell me a place to get this from cheap.
Ta in advance.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:51 27 Mar 2005

click here is free and IMHO much better, why pay?


  grumpano 12:58 27 Mar 2005

Not so sure about the free programs is it as good as Norton etc ? I have never had a virus using Norton. But i know many people who have,using other programs.

  Confab 12:59 27 Mar 2005

PC-Cillin offers the following apps - Anti-Phishing, Anti Virus, Spyware Detection & Removal, Home Network Control, Parental Controls, Spam Filtering, Personal Firewall, Vulnerability Assessment and Wi-Fi Intrusion Detection plus 24 free e-mail or telephone support, all for £39.95 or £19.99 for the upgrade.

I’ve used it for several years and found the product fantastic – very fast and not rescores hogging.

The best place to buy is probably from Trends website click here if you go through the purchase procedure then click the “back” button on your browser you’ll get a further 10% discount.


  Confab 13:00 27 Mar 2005

I think you can also try it free for 30 days. Check the website.

  grumpano 13:04 27 Mar 2005

I was looking at this, but it seems to good to be true.

  grumpano 13:05 27 Mar 2005

Sorry forgot the link.....

click here

  Starfox 13:07 27 Mar 2005

As Gandalf says "why pay"

I have used AVG from day one of my internet usage and it has stopped every virus to date.You won't find better.

  grumpano 13:09 27 Mar 2005

Ok i know its sounds stupid but if the free ones are so good why do people pay for the others ?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:29 27 Mar 2005

All you need is AVG (or any other free AV), Microsft Antispy, a firewall if you feel you need one (ZA or Kerio), common sense and you could have spywareblaster or Adaware as a back up. You may wish to consider apop-up blocker or use the free Avant browser which I prefer to IE.

Using these will give you more protection than any home user will ever need. People pay for programmes because the companies spend a lot on scare advertising (Symantec bleating that hackiers will get on your computer). I run a mail list of over 90 AVG users, no one has had a problem and all are delighted. If you have the three above programmes you will have no worries.


  grumpano 13:34 27 Mar 2005

Thank you Gandalf. I will use your suggestions as soon as Norton runs out. What is the best way of removing Norton fire wall and Norton Systemworks from my pc ? Would it be possible to leave Systemworks on to use the utilitys but not the anti virus?

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