Pc Chips M787CLM GigaPro Opinions please

  Legolas 19:25 05 Apr 2003

Has anyone built a system using this motherboard and if so is it any good click here

  clayton 19:38 05 Apr 2003

I think the processor is built into the motherboard so you wont be able to upgrade it.

  Legolas 20:28 06 Apr 2003


  LastChip 21:11 06 Apr 2003

You get what you pay for, but when you think about it, a reasonable spec. 1Gig computer base unit could probably be built for under a £150!

Don't expect to upgrade it though.

There have been some criticisms of PC Chip units, but I have never come across one, so it would be unfair to comment. It may be worth doing a search to see what the web throws up in respect of reliability.

Without a doubt, a budget unit, but for some, no doubt has it's place.

  Legolas 21:14 06 Apr 2003

I think at £43 its worth a try I am interested to see how it runs.

  howard60 22:36 06 Apr 2003

with new hdd, new cdrw, memory from crucial and an old floppy. Worked 2nd. time. 1st. time it had factory set to clear cmos once changed to pins 1-2 all ok. Formatted 40GB hdd in 5 mins and loaded win98 se in 30 mins. Seems a good unit - you obviously cannot upgrade it but for a basic machine very good.

  howard60 22:39 06 Apr 2003

the manual showing pin connections etc comes on cd in pdf with acrobat 5. If you have not got a working pc you would not know how to put it together - the markings on the board are very small and sparse.

  Legolas 13:29 07 Apr 2003

howard60 was it easy to set up? was there many jumper setting to set up? how is everything running a day later?

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