PC chair.

  curlylad 11:26 15 Mar 2004

I wish to purchase a nice comfortable chair for my Internet sessions.Can anyone suggest where I can view some good competitively priced chairs.I really dont have a type preference (high back , arm rests , swivel etc etc) so can anyone help ?

  Pesala 11:31 15 Mar 2004

£20 should get you something that would cost £80 brand new. Steel chairs don't usually wear out.

  Ether 11:32 15 Mar 2004

I bought one from Office World. They have quite a good selection.

  hugh-265156 11:39 15 Mar 2004

how much do you want to spend.£19.99 upwards will get a chair.try argos or pc world maybe.

something well padded with good arms and a high ish backrest etc,you should be able to pick up for about £45 - £50 or so.

  Djohn 11:42 15 Mar 2004

Hi curlylad. Staples do a nice selection of chairs, pop into your local store and spend at least 10 minutes sat in each one.

The first one I bought from Staples cost £120.00 lovely and soft to sit in but after 30 minutes or so the padding had compressed and it was like sitting on a park bench. Even though I had the chair for some 6 weeks I phoned up the store, told them of the problem and they asked me to bring it back and choose another one.

This time with a little advice from the staff I bought one that was slightly cheaper £99.00 It was a firm chair to sit on from the start but did not suffer from the compression of the seat pad like the first one. Very comfortable and I spend many hours in it.

I realise this is a lot of money to pay for a chair but due to health problems I do need a good quality firm and comfortable one, I use it for most of my seating requirements, not just at the PC. j.

  aramis 11:43 15 Mar 2004

Go to Staples if there is a branch near to you. Loads on display from circa £25 to the really comfortable leather sleeping type.

  Djohn 11:49 15 Mar 2004

aramis has prompted me to post again. The first chair I bought was the "Executive" leather all singing dancing chair. This is the one that when you first sit in it you form the impression it would be comfortable enough to use as a bed. ;o)

Believe me, it turns out to be very far from this after the first 30 minutes. :o(

  curlylad 11:54 15 Mar 2004

Plenty to be going on with there me thinks .

  christmascracker 12:14 15 Mar 2004

click here$cip=12422>C$cip=12423>C$cip=12424&categoryId=12424

This is the one I have, I did buy one of the cheep ones at first but after a week I was in agony.

  pinka 12:24 15 Mar 2004

Delivered within 5 days from germany. Very good quality and comfortable.
click here

  Chegs ® 13:33 15 Mar 2004

I used an old armchair(until it finally expired in the spring mountings)I then purchased one from Argos,its not to hardwaring(the seat base has split)but I have a selection of assorted ply,so just screwed another piece to the underside.It creaks and groans so much,I have to keep the volume up(but that might just be me getting old)on the puter,but its where I sit from morning till nite,and I now get aches and pains if I sit elsewhere. ;-)

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