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  TheEclypse 19:54 20 Mar 2003


I have decided that I want to buy a new case, and install a water cooling system. I have been looking around for cases, but I havent found one that I really like.

Im looking for one that ismade of aluminium, with a side window, but if its a different case that looks cool too i can be persuaded :-).

  Ironman556 20:01 20 Mar 2003
  rickf 20:11 20 Mar 2003

Also look at click here, not the same as posted by Ironman. I have just bought somehting off them and the service is excellent. There is also click here overclocking store.co.uk. and cool casemods.co.uk

  leo49 22:39 20 Mar 2003

And here: click here


  Eagie 23:13 20 Mar 2003

I quite like the look of the 'Aluminium Saturn Case With Window' find at thecoolingshop.com - click here. In fact, I have a birthday coming up, maybe I'll drop some hints...!

  rickf 23:49 20 Mar 2003

The Saturn case is very nice. It the same as the Globalwin and Skyhawk at half the price. Can be had for £65 at Antec, the Computer Fair Shop in Totenham Court Road. Save on the del. charge. I don't work for any of these-just a moding enthusiast.

  lloydsj 10:23 21 Mar 2003

The saturn case does look nice, however, I think you will find if you see it in real life that the front is not actually alluminium, its kind of a perspex with silver behind it. When i saw it, i didn't like it half as much as I did when looking at the pics.

I went for a coolermaster in the end. Its not got a side window, but its aluminium, looks fantastic and is really well designed inside too. i love it.

  lloydsj 10:25 21 Mar 2003

Also the Lian-Li Aluminum PC Case > PC-60
is a nice case.

  rickf 12:47 21 Mar 2003

LLoyds, In which case go for the Skyhawk or Globalwin ones.

  Andsome 13:07 21 Mar 2003

I have decided that I want to buy a new case, and install a water cooling system.

DAFT LOT, you've all fallen for it havn't you

  Eagie 14:33 21 Mar 2003

I may be a little slow on the uptake but I don't follow you. If it is the water cooling system you are refering to then check out thecoolingshop.com click here who will be more than happy to sell you one!

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