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  allstar 21:12 02 Dec 2003


I have a PC which houses an AMD mobo with a 800mhz (Duron?) CPU.

I wish to upgrade the PC but am not sure if i need a new case aswell? The mobo is quite old and doesnt have a AGP slot.

Do you think that the case will house an Athlon XP mobo?

  [email protected] E 21:15 02 Dec 2003

What's the make & model of the motherboard.

  allstar 21:29 02 Dec 2003

[email protected] E

I dont know. I think its an MSI board. I have used Belarc and Aida to no avail.

  Gongoozler 21:40 02 Dec 2003

Hi allstar, the probable answer is yes you can use the old case.

Presumably the case is ATX format, which means that when you shutdown your computer, it turns itself off after Windows has closed.

Some computers, especially from the likes of Packard Bell, HP and the like often have their own peculiar designs, and are not really suitable for upgrading. Some also use micro-ATX, with onboard graphics and sound, and only about 3 pci slots. These may not have enough space for a full ATX motherboard. A computer of the age of yours probably only has a 250W power supply which probably isn't powerful enough for your new computer. Open the case, and you should find the power rating on the supply.

If you want an upgradable system, you may need a full size ATX motherboard which is 12in x 9.6in (305mm x 245mm). The power supply shouldn't be too much of a problem. You can get quite a good 400W supply from EBuyer for under £15 click here

What is an equally important question is whether the case will take all the bits you want to fit in your upgrade.

  allstar 21:48 02 Dec 2003


Thanks for the reply. I was thinking the same, but always good to check.

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