PC case card slot covers?

  Paperplane 16:29 19 Jan 2010

Does anyone know where I can get some metal card slot covers for the back of my pc case?
You know the thin metal strips that cover the space behind the PCI card slots. I've removed a couple of cards and want to cover the holes back up to keep the dust out.

  GaT7 16:31 19 Jan 2010

Yes, at eBay. A related search click here, sorted by ascending prices. G

  Paperplane 16:40 19 Jan 2010

Thank you.

  DieSse 17:49 19 Jan 2010

Your local computer shop probably has a box full of them. Ask nicely and they'll probably give you a couple.

  Paperplane 17:51 19 Jan 2010

Thanks for another good idea.

  woodchip 18:08 19 Jan 2010

Your local dump site and a nice word with the man in charge

  AlanHo 18:25 19 Jan 2010

The covers on my Antec 180 case are all perforated with small rectangular holes - presumably to aid ventilation.

Are you sure that yours aren't.

If you really want to seal them off - I have used duct tape successfully in the past.

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