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  woodchip 18:05 07 May 2010

Bought a Car Black Box that records Journeys, accidents etc. But cannot get the thing working on PC to Configure the Setup for Speed and G-Sensor etc. Put SD card in camera as it says plugged in power, it then starts the camera and loads folders and files. Some of these are Bin Files that are in a Setup Folder, I then put the card in Comp to be able to see files and loaded the Setup File on CD that loads Program to Play Video and Configure the Camera brows to files and it cannot see any setup files so I have no IDEA what I am looking for it’s a South Korean Black Box a roadEYE JS-300G

  VoG II 18:18 07 May 2010

Hi woody.

Is there an .inf file? If so right click it and see if there's an Install option.

  VoG II 18:18 07 May 2010

Hi woody.

Is there an .inf file? If so right click it and see if there's an Install option.

  woodchip 18:57 07 May 2010

No no inf's

Three files it's put on the SD card
1/ ACC_Calibration.bin
2/ DVR_Setup.bin
3/ GPRS_Setup.bin

These are all in the Setup Folder on the SD card.

The Program from CD loaded okay but cannot gain access to Configuration Setup. Just the same as if it was grayed out. Plus the Program does not see the Video Files that it put in another folder these have a mp4 extension

  woodchip 18:59 07 May 2010

I can play the files using other Programs but not the one that should play them. It's as if its not fully loaded until it gets files from SD card

  VoG II 19:28 07 May 2010

I'm out of my depth here but see if click here helps.

  woodchip 19:37 07 May 2010

This is it click here
and what it does click here
Can also be used to monitor car when parked plus as a shock censer for accidents

  woodchip 21:10 07 May 2010

Still Learning after all these years, Just a simple Reboot made the program work. no need to brows to files only to SD card Drive it then works

  BT 16:50 08 May 2010

You obviously aren't of the Speccy generation, that was the first thing to do if it wouldn't work ;-)

  woodchip 18:43 08 May 2010

been at it since 1994, and I am 74

  BT 08:22 09 May 2010

We go back to the ZX81 and Spectrums in the mid 80's. Cut our teeth on BASIC programming and learned an awful lot. Still have all the old Speccys, SAM Coupe, and Atari ST. Loathe to throw them out.

I remember my son who was about 10 when we got our first Spectrum was very disappointed when he found out that you couldn't just type in a question and get an answer as had been portayed in films and TV programs. Bit different now with Google etc.

Age now 65

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