PC Can't See Graphics Card

  Paul Young 15:03 11 Mar 2019

My son's gaming PC is not working well and he's thrown it at me to fix ..... so I need your help !!!

A few days ago, his Windows 10 64Bit desktop started booting up to the onboard graphics rather than the huge NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 card he has had installed for months.

Hardware analysis (Speccy) shows no NVIDIA card installed. Device Manager didn't show it either but when I click on "View Hidden Devices", it appears but claims ERROR 45 "Device Not Connected".

The card is a brick and is screwed to the casing and is rock solid - it couldn't move and is rock solid. I tried to install latest drivers from NVIDIA nut the installation program wouldn't install as it couldn't find the card to run a compatibility check. I then tried yo update drivers with Device Manager and it stated that the drivers already installed were the latest.

Having run things like CHKDISK and CCLEANER, I then went to Device Manager and uninstalled the card and the driver. plan was to reboot and hope something magic happened and it reinstalled itself but it didn't !

Now I can't see the card anywhere, even under "hidden devices" and I'm stuck !

Can anybody suggest any miracle fixes here so I can impress my boy ?!!!

  difarn 16:28 11 Mar 2019

I'm wondering if a W10 update has enabled the on-board graphics and disabled the stand-alone card? In Device Manager is there any reference to an integrated card and if so has it been enabled? If you find this are you able to right click and disable it?

Have you tried running the Windows 10 troubleshooter?

Type “Troubleshooting” in the Search bar and press Enter.
Click on “View All” in the top left corner.
This will display the list of troubleshooters which are built-in in the computer. 
You can click on Hardware and Devices from the list and you can run the troubleshooter.
  difarn 16:31 11 Mar 2019

Apologies for the way the second bit of advice has been displayed.

Type Troubleshooting in the search bar, enter Click on View All in the top left corner This will display the list of troubleshooters Click on Hardware and Devices and run the troubleshooter.

  rickf 16:35 11 Mar 2019

Maybe you need to try and take out the card and then re-seat it.

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