PC can't find wifi while other devices can.

  Jdm01 19:10 04 Nov 2016


I'll try my best English to describe the problem (i'm Dutch).

Recently i bought a router/acces point for my new appartment, model linksys wap300n.

Router installed, changed network name and gave it a password (did this with the CD that came with the router). Both my laptop and phone (apple) can find the wifi network, works perfect.

The actual problem is my roommate can't find the network on his laptop (windows 10), but can on his phone (apple) when the network name is changed or given a password. I tried resetting the router, then he can find the network, but as soon as the network name is changed/is given a password he can't anymore. Tried changing the network name/password on his laptop, works, but then his laptop can't find the network anymore.

Searched the internet for answers to my problem, without results.

Anyone who knows how to solve this?

Thanks in advance!

  difarn 19:52 04 Nov 2016

Did you actually delete the old wifi profile on the laptop?

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  Secret-Squirrel 09:16 05 Nov 2016

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