pc cannot see new liteon dvd reader

  sunny staines 16:30 11 Jun 2005

I have just fitted a a dvd rw to replace my cd rw. it is the only device on the cable and is set to master.
but bios and explorer does not see i.any advice please. the bios is set to pnp

  phono 16:44 11 Jun 2005

Is the power connector firmly seated? Also check you have the IDE cable the right way round, the red stripe should go to pin one.

  sunny staines 17:40 11 Jun 2005

the power is ok because when i put a cd in the drive the lite comes on and the disk spins, i have the red side of the cable next to the power line. The obvious fault i thoought would be the ribbon cable not firmly seated but i have tried this a couple of times.

  VoG II 17:42 11 Jun 2005

Have you checked the ribbon cable at the motherboard end?

  sunny staines 21:19 11 Jun 2005

I have stripped down everything and rebuilt the lot.
The dvd drive now working ok but getting a double bleep error 02bo on my floppy drive. [floppy still works thhough].
Got a coating of dust inside the case,use condensed air spray but does not clean cards & mobo too well any tips on cleaning please will i try to sort my floppy drive out.

thanks to all for sufggestions offered.

  De Marcus 21:21 11 Jun 2005

clean, dry paint brush for removing thick layers of dust.

  sunny staines 09:34 12 Jun 2005

thank you

  sunny staines 09:36 12 Jun 2005

sorted my floppy too now, ls120 floppy drives need all options changed from default to disabled in the bios

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