pc cannot detect Nvidia graphic hardware

  Pratham meena 14:47 19 Jan 2017

few days ago when i was playing AC Unity, the game stopped working and crashed. Later i came to know that my Nvidia Geforce GTX 950m graphics driver is missing from the device manager list.Now if i try to reinstall the graphics driver it doesn't allow me to do so as it says that cannot find compatible graphics hardware.Please help me with the problem.

  Archonar 15:46 19 Jan 2017

Sounds like an issue with the connection of the card to the motherboard or a failed card. To check, boot to bios, and see if the card is listed in the hardware in there.

Also, could we have some more details of the make / model of the laptop?

  difarn 15:48 19 Jan 2017

Which version of Windows are you using?

You could try the Microsoft Fix - Find and fix problems with devices and hardware - in this list.

click here

  Belatucadrus 16:15 19 Jan 2017

Assuming that the display is still connected to the Geforce GTX 950m, other than the game crash has there been any change in display quality ?

  Burn-it 16:45 19 Jan 2017

Do a thorough malware check! Was it overclocked??

  Pratham meena 16:50 19 Jan 2017

model is Asus R510JX notebook ,core i7-4720HQ,8gb ram,2gb NVIDIA Geforce GTX 950m graphic card,windows 10.I don't think the problem is with the connection.Also the card is not listed in the bios.All it shows is how much memory should the integrated graphics processor can use.

  Pratham meena 17:07 19 Jan 2017

i did a malware check using malwarebytes but it detected some adwares only.If there is anything else i can do in this matter please guide me.

  Pratham meena 17:17 19 Jan 2017

No there is no change in the display quality except once i was booting my laptop and the dots on the bottom portion of the screen which generally show up and move in a circle were actually moving in a straight line from left to right.But it happened only once and there are no other problems except that my pc seems to run slow sometimes

  Belatucadrus 19:42 19 Jan 2017

What exactly does the Device manager say under the "Display Adapters" section ?

  Pratham meena 19:51 19 Jan 2017

The driver is not listed in that section anymore.When the problem occurred the driver was listed among the hidden devices.And after reading from a site i uninstalled it thinking I'll reinstall it again and the rest i already told you.

  difarn 15:44 20 Jan 2017

I wonder if your device for some reason is appearing under another category in device manager - do you have anything like "other devices"? If so you can right-click properties-driver-update driver.

Did you check to see that the device hasn't been hidden? Device Manager - view.

Do you have a restore point that predates the error?

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