PC cannot detect digital camera through USB

  Nonagon 13:18 01 Jan 2006

I was supplied with drivers etc. for Sony cyber shot U [Image Transfer software]and it always automatically downloaded images to relevant folder. This just stopped for no appparent reason. I tried to switch to adobe photoshop -any one any ideas how I might get back on track?

  rawprawn 13:24 01 Jan 2006

It should appear in "My Computer" as a digital camera (An extra drive) and you can save the files to where you want from there.

  Nonagon 13:31 01 Jan 2006

No sign of an extra drive in My Computer. In photoshop it says no device found but this USB cable will connect my Sony mp3 player for example. I'm wondering if there is something wrong with the camera or have I set up incorrectly somehow? The download system worked perfectly heretofore -without any great effort on my part -which is just as well as I'm a rank amateur & I've loads of images in folders on my hard drive..

  jack 14:17 01 Jan 2006

There is a college of thought that suggests that software supplied with cameras is best left in the box.
It is true that with a modern system plugging a camera into a USB port and switching on the download facilitiy on the camera the system will simply recognise another drive on the screen in'My computer '.
It has worked for you in the past, but it may well be a good idea simply to uninstall it, and then try the camera, the system does not need the software.[Assuming you are 2000/XP]

Moreover you certainly do not need the camera plugged in or its software to locate an image folder, wherever you placed them on the harddrive.
So uninstall the software.
Locate the images with explorer- That is go to My Documents /My pictures[or where ever you keep the images] from the desk top with out any program running.
Or if you still have difficulty go to Start/find/
and in the field type- *.jpg[ that is star dot jpeg] and the system will turn up every image you have on the drive[assuming they are jpegs, if not it will be star dot picture extender - TIFF for example.

  rawprawn 14:17 01 Jan 2006

Did you turn the camera on?

  PC Bilbo 15:42 01 Jan 2006

I download from my Cybershot (DSC-P9)camera straight int XP Picture /Fax viewer and have never needed to load any special drivers; Windows automatically detects and installs when I switch camera on.

Have you recently added more USB devices to your computer? If you have possibly the device may not be getting sufficient juice to power up properly.

Try unplugging other UB devices and/or trying different USB skt.

  Nonagon 19:50 01 Jan 2006

Thanks- Camera is switched on there are three settings arrow ,camera and video the USB spplies the power automatically I've set it to each in turn . I 've tried different USB sockets -no joy.
Are you suggesting I uninstall Sony USB Driveer.
The strange rthing about this is it worked OK on 20/12/2005 and wouldn't on 28/12 .

  jack 08:52 02 Jan 2006

I am suggesting that any Software load from the CD supplied wuth the camera is removed[ call it what you will]
Simply let Windoze do the work.

  PC Bilbo 09:24 02 Jan 2006

Your camera should be set to the " arrow in the box symbol" (the one which allows you to see pictures you have taken on the camera LCD ) BEFORE switching on the camera with USB lead connected. XP should then automatically detect the camera.

If you are using XP do what jack suggests and uninstall the software you got with the camera (mine was Pixma). You don't need it except for editing and there are far better programmes out there.

  Nonagon 18:38 03 Jan 2006

I think this problem is more basic.
I use windows 2k.
The USB cable is connected because it connects mp3 player and allows me to download images e.g. sleeve art from the mp3 player.At least it did but I can't find these now either-I deleted Image Mixer tho'.

all software is now deleted from my computer.
It's like the pc just doesn't recognize the camera any more even though it is set to "arrow in the box".

  WhiteTruckMan 18:55 03 Jan 2006

and just plug it in and turn it on. dont install any software just see if a virgin machine (in respect of this camera) takes notice of a new device, even if it can figure out what it is (but it wil probably recognise, if not a camera, then at least a mass storage device)


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