PC cannot detect digital camera through USB

  Nonagon 13:18 01 Jan 2006

I was supplied with drivers etc. for Sony cyber shot U [Image Transfer software]and it always automatically downloaded images to relevant folder. This just stopped for no appparent reason. I tried to switch to adobe photoshop -any one any ideas how I might get back on track?

  rawprawn 13:24 01 Jan 2006

It should appear in "My Computer" as a digital camera (An extra drive) and you can save the files to where you want from there.

  Nonagon 13:31 01 Jan 2006

No sign of an extra drive in My Computer. In photoshop it says no device found but this USB cable will connect my Sony mp3 player for example. I'm wondering if there is something wrong with the camera or have I set up incorrectly somehow? The download system worked perfectly heretofore -without any great effort on my part -which is just as well as I'm a rank amateur & I've loads of images in folders on my hard drive..

  rawprawn 14:17 01 Jan 2006

Did you turn the camera on?

  Nonagon 19:50 01 Jan 2006

Thanks- Camera is switched on there are three settings arrow ,camera and video the USB spplies the power automatically I've set it to each in turn . I 've tried different USB sockets -no joy.
Are you suggesting I uninstall Sony USB Driveer.
The strange rthing about this is it worked OK on 20/12/2005 and wouldn't on 28/12 .

  Nonagon 18:38 03 Jan 2006

I think this problem is more basic.
I use windows 2k.
The USB cable is connected because it connects mp3 player and allows me to download images e.g. sleeve art from the mp3 player.At least it did but I can't find these now either-I deleted Image Mixer tho'.

all software is now deleted from my computer.
It's like the pc just doesn't recognize the camera any more even though it is set to "arrow in the box".

  Nonagon 19:55 02 Feb 2006

I,eventually gave my camera to a colleauge who reported as follows:
My computer detected the camera no problem then prompted me to install
> a driver for it.
After a bit of a search I found the Sony Support
> page (link below).
Email the link home and you should be able to
> download and install any driver/update required.

> click here
The problem doesn't seem to be a driver one -my computer just doesn't recognize the camera anymore. Funnily it reciognises my Sony Walkman Mp3 player on the same usb cable no problem.

  Nonagon 20:41 02 Feb 2006

No some are in Adobe photoshop. I just downloaded this from the internet and some photos went into it without any overtly conscious decision on my part sometimes i just click buttons just to see.

  Nonagon 21:07 02 Feb 2006

Picasa 2 is great.Finds every photo video clip and pictre in pc and organises it -still cannot get most recent phoos out of little Sony camera tho'

  woodchip 22:16 02 Feb 2006

Try this, it's been used quite a bit of late for USB problems.

Switch the Computer off at the Wall socket, then hold the start switch on the computer for a couple of seconds. Restart computer as Normall and try the Camera as when it did work

  Nonagon 19:16 03 Feb 2006

I've tried both of the things suggested -switched to usb cable that came with another sony product and it did not work (anyway my pc is seting up my sony walkman mp3 player as a"removable disk e")

I tried turning The power off at the socket and holding down the "power on" switch on the front of the computer but this duid not work either.

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