pc building problem

  [DELETED] 15:11 01 Nov 2003

hi i have just built my pc yesterday as in connected everything but not set up as i needed one more ide ribbon cable.

I connected a dvd rw drive as the secondary IDE master and a DVD rom drive as a secondary slave. then i bought a ribbon cable for the harddrive and connected it to the primary IDE port and set it as master. and a radeon 9200 256 Mb graphics card. the case came with 350 w psu.

i connected the graphics card port to my TFT monitor and when i boot it up there is nothing showing on the screen, i just hear the fans whirring and there are no lights on the drive and it dont thinkn it boots into bios. Help please.

  [DELETED] 15:18 01 Nov 2003

Tis only memory compatability prob, or Graphic card not seated down Fully.

Some M/Boards especialy cheapo's can be very picky about which memory they like to work with.
Have built several which would not come to life until I changed memory to different Manf.

  [DELETED] 15:37 01 Nov 2003

i have looked at the graphics card and its in properly and i looked at the ram and the mother board manual and it is correct ram. any other idea?

  [DELETED] 15:46 01 Nov 2003

You could try removing and refitting the processor and the RAM - often a poor connection can cause such a problem.

Also try disconnecting all the drives and any add-in cards, except graphics.

And it could be a faulty motherboard, processor, RAM or graphics card.

Welcome to the real world of building computers ;-))

  [DELETED] 15:47 01 Nov 2003

could it be that i havent configured the mobo properly? the jumpers etc

  [DELETED] 15:53 01 Nov 2003

The M/board Book does not normally specify which Manf of memory it requries to work, only the ammount it can handle.

From many years of building comps,I have never found any other reason for not booting up except as I sujested above.

Be carefull as regards Graphic card, if AGP it uses 2 height rows of contacts and even if it looks fully home have on occasions found it not to be. (Don't break owt by pressing to hard).

If as u say proc fan comes on ok and no beeps would still sujest memory incompatability.

Let me know make and model of M/Board.

  Legolas 15:54 01 Nov 2003

As slimbo51 says it could be a memory problem, even although the memory you are using is the right type some cheaper unbranded memory will not run properly on some m/b's if you are using two sticks of memory take one out and try again and swop them round the different slots but still only using one.

  [DELETED] 15:56 01 Nov 2003

is the power supply big enough.

i had the same problem when i built my pc that had a 350w psu in it , turned on and everything whirrred and made noises but no bleeps , got hold of a 550w and it worked straight away.

could be your problem , might not be , but its worth checking.


  [DELETED] 15:56 01 Nov 2003

my mobo is a VIA KT4V ATX mainboard. mean anything to you?

  [DELETED] 16:07 01 Nov 2003

well if i enlarged the PSU then would it damage anything if it was too large?

  [DELETED] 16:10 01 Nov 2003

Yes as I thought its a MSI M/Board.
This board is known not to run with unbranded memory.

Attempted to build one 3 weeks ago with cheapo ram
did not work.

Fitted some good stuff in All worked fine and according to customer still is.

This gets back to the usual prob of cheap M/Boards and Memory incompatability.

Someone else on this site with same prob using a poor quality M/Board.

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