Pc Build Standoffs Question.

  NGE 18:47 27 Mar 2004

Hello, My pc 2 hours ago had no standoffs and it worked very well. But today i bought some standoffs (brass hexagonal ones) and decided to install them. I was just wondering, i put two standoffs on only, but i couldnt put them on the other mobo mounts because they were these bump like things on the case and it wouldnt fit if i put them on there. So does anyone know if i need to put these standoffs on the bump mounts or not? And if so how? Thanks in advance.

  billyliv 19:25 27 Mar 2004

Hi, I begin to question the logic of your post. If your system is working ok why try to change?.
Brass standoffs are the supports between your motherboard and your case. ( Usually P4 )

  Gongoozler 19:42 27 Mar 2004

A full size ATX motherboard usually has about 9 or 10 mounting points. Some of these will have screws into studs or small clip devices. The board will work very well with only half the number of fixings just to stop it moving about, but the others give the board more rigidity when plugging cables and pci cards etc. If the standoffs are plastic there is no risk at all, but if you are using brass ones you need to be absolutely sure that they don't touch anything on the motherboard other than the proper mounting points.

  NGE 19:55 27 Mar 2004

erm kinda confused here. I put the standoffs on because you are meant to, and as it was working fine, i didn't want it to short out suddenly. Mine has 6 mounting points, two of which needed standoffs. Also i have heard if i didnt use the standoffs and the mother board touches the case the whole case will be electricuted possibly shorting out some components. I was just wondering, if the bumps needed standoffs and if they don't the only reason i can see is if they are made of brass as brass doesn't conduct electricity. Or does it?

  clayton 20:13 27 Mar 2004

The bumps in the side of your pc case are standoffs you dont need to add anything to them,you would only need to use the brass ones where the case is flat.

  NGE 20:18 27 Mar 2004

Thankyou clayton. Ive used two standoffs where it is flat. Can someone tell me if brass conducts electricity or it will bug me for the whole day. ;)

  Gongoozler 20:24 27 Mar 2004

Brass is one of the best electrical conductors you can get. Only plastic is a reliable insulator in this respect.

The only risk of the unsupported motherboard shorting to the case is if you apply pressure to it.

If you fit brass standoffs, make sure they can only touch the mounting pads that the motherboard has for that purpose.

  ade.h 20:29 27 Mar 2004

If you're worried about the brass standoffs touching anything vital, just put some small plastic washers (from a DIY/electrical store) between them and the motherboard. It works fine.

  Gongoozler 20:36 27 Mar 2004

--- or get some sticky backed plastic as so beloved of Blue Peter and stick that to the case panel behind the motherboard so it doesn't matter if the motherboard does flex.

  woodchip 20:41 27 Mar 2004

The bumps are the standoffs

  Giggle n' Bits 20:47 27 Mar 2004

Does anyone know where you can buy Extra Brass Standoffs in UK, & are they all a standard size/length. Yes I am a system builder and always find my cases are a few short every time.

I have old one what I have stripped out of older machines and had them re-boored to fit the screws but now getting a bit short.

Sorry NGE, for jumping in on your post.

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