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  demon1821 20:13 07 Jan 2018

Hi everyone, i am wanting to build a new pc and have picked out the parts, i was just wondering if someone could help me, as i want to make sure all the parts are compatable before ordering them. i already have a power supply and the other required parts from an older build. sorry if this isnt the right place to post and if it isnt could you advise me where i can post about this problem thanks.

The Parts are:

click here you have any suggestions for better parts or anything like then just let me know.

Thank you!



  demon1821 20:38 07 Jan 2018

not entirely sure how to edit the original post so hopefully the links work this time.

click here


  KEITH 1955 22:53 07 Jan 2018

I would suggest you go onto a website of a company that builds pc's and use the "build my pc tab" , input the components from the pull down tabs and at the point just before you click order , the checking systems should show any mismatch or overkill , yes I know its a bit cheeky to use a company as a components checker but it will help you decide what to do .

  qwbos 23:04 07 Jan 2018

Have a look here

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