PC Build [For Office Work]

  Nick Gilbert 15:59 19 Oct 2018

I'd like to build a PC for general office use.

We only need the PC build itself (the case and everything inside).

We already have a monitor, keyboard, mouse, cables and a copy of windows 10.

This new build is for my partner and will be used for work ONLY (no gaming). This will be used for Emails, Microsoft Office (Word & Excel) and a little bit of Adobe Photoshop/InDesign.

I would like the PC to be reliable and last long term.

Could someone kindly help by putting together a build?

I would have thought this should cost anywhere between £300-£400 since we are building this ourselves.

Thank you for any advice you can give!

  Jollyjohn 16:29 19 Oct 2018

Google for "Barebones Kits" and look at Novatech and ebuyer. Generally you will need to add a Hard drive and a CD / DVD drive. I would look at a minimum of 8GB RAM and I would put in a basic graphics card otherwise some of the RAM will be reserved for the onboard graphics.

  wee eddie 19:03 19 Oct 2018

Office Computers are as cheap as chips, and come with a warranty

  csqwared 19:35 19 Oct 2018

As wee eddie suggests, why bother, cheap as chips these days.

Business PC

and with a three year guarantee

  [DELETED] 20:48 19 Oct 2018

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