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PC Build - (Budget for office use only)

  Nick Gilbert 10:21 15 Mar 2019

We'd like to build a PC for general office use (only need the PC build itself -the case and everything inside. We already have a monitor, keyboard, mouse, cables and a copy of windows 10.

This new build is for my partner and will be used for work ONLY (no gaming).

This will be used for Emails, Microsoft Office (Word & Excel) and a little bit of Adobe Photoshop/InDesign.

I would like the PC to be reliable and last long term. Could someone kindly help by putting together a build?

I would have thought this should cost anywhere between £300-£400 since we are building this ourselves.

Or would it be better to buy one pre-made since you can pick up office PCs so cheap nowadays?

Thanks in advance for any advice!

  wee eddie 10:31 15 Mar 2019

As you have all the bits, you also have the case of your old OC. Use that.

Is your partner sufficiently Computer literate to use Linux. That will save a bomb and almost/all the Software is free to use

  Nick Gilbert 10:39 15 Mar 2019

Thanks for the quick response. We'll get a new case as the old is worn. No to linux, we need to use windows.

  Nick Gilbert 10:41 15 Mar 2019

It is worth noting that you can buy pc's pre build without all the extras. For example: click here is why I am wondering whether we should build or buy prebuilt... If build thats no issue as ive built pcs in the past. I just dont know how much better the build will actually be building it ourselves vs buying something like the link above at


  Menzie 11:07 15 Mar 2019

I would recommend giving Chillblast, Scan or CCL Computers a call and configuring a prebuilt with an 8th gen Intel i5 CPU, 16GB of RAM and a 1TB HDD.

I did a check on CCL and a prebuilt like this can be had with 3 year on-site warranty for £480 without Windows 10. Do not go lower than 8GB of RAM for an office build especially if running graphics software and multitasking.

Why prebuilt? Well if you build it yourself and a component fails you will have to diagnose which component is at fault, pull that component, contact the manufacturer and arrange an RMA, then send that component off and wait.

With on-site repair a technician comes to you and has you back up and running within 1 business day. Ideal if you have a small business without an IT technician or don't want to buy spare parts while a component goes off for warranty repairs.

Dell and HP also offer systems with On-Site repair for businesses (that's one of their premium support options).

  Menzie 11:33 15 Mar 2019

Kevin Alders - If CCL is all you've picked up from my post then you haven't read it fully. Especially since 4 other manufacturers were put forward.

Back to the subject at hand:

I've checked the Adobe website and 4GB is the minimum requirement recommended for the current versions of Photoshop and InDesign. Adobe recommends 8GB so again don't go below 8GB.

The reason I'm also recommending newer hardware than those in the poster's link is that Windows 10 is an OS as a service.

So far only Atom CPUs have fallen to not being suppored by the latest updates of Windows 10. Going newer means that if Intel or AMD drop support for any hardware in future the newer models are more likely to continue getting updates for a while longer.

  Forum Editor 12:25 15 Mar 2019

"Or would it be better to buy one pre-made since you can pick up office PCs so cheap nowadays?"

Yes it would.

  Forum Editor 12:28 15 Mar 2019

Kevin Alders

We don't get kickbacks from suppliers. They are welcome to advertise on our site, but that's it - the forums are places where consumers can post their opinions, and they do.

  Furkin 12:54 15 Mar 2019

Hi Nick,

I posted a very similar thing last week, so am interested in your replies, advisors etc.

This reply is just to latch on to your post. Good luck


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:58 15 Mar 2019

Its probably cheaper to get one with win 10 pre installed that pay for a separate license.

click here may suit you needs with a 5 yr warranty and lifetime tech support + they have an excellent after sales service if required although my PC is now 5 yrs old and I've never needed any help.

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