pc build

  centrelatch 22:58 23 Dec 2004

hi ime considering building my own pc ,but with such an array of of different components i dont know where to start. can anyone give me a typical spec to work from ie mother board with compatible processor and so on your help will be much appreciated

  LastChip 23:58 23 Dec 2004

For example, are you going to build a new machine from scratch or are you going to use some of the components from an existing machine?

Do you need a new keyboard, mouse, monitor, CD drive, DVD drive, printer and so on?

What sort of budget do you have in mind?

There are so many variables, that you need to decide a framework of what you want, and what you want to use it for - video editing or perhaps just word processing; then suggestions I'm sure, will come flooding in.

  Blitzer 00:06 24 Dec 2004


Grab yourself a copy of the Feb issue of PCadvisor (available now) has a good article in it about this very subject. Well worth the read for you. And no I don't work for them or have any vested interest. :)

  woodchip 00:08 24 Dec 2004

Big QUESTION what do you want to use the Computer For????? = your Budget

  Belatucadrus 00:30 24 Dec 2004

click here

click here

Are useful resource pages from AMD.

click here and click here are a couple of tutorials that may be worth a look.

Having just made my first home build, it is definitely worth doing.

  THE TERMINATOR 01:06 24 Dec 2004

You cannot rush into this(believe me I have done it many times) First you need to decide what processor you are going to get, then your mobo,(has it onboard sound & graphics)you may need a new case if you are upgrading) and decide what you are going to keep from your old pc. If you are thinking of P4 then you will most definately need DDR memory(any other won't be fast enough for P4)and you will need a new PSU. Believe me if you are upgrading, your drives and modem will be all you will keep from your old pc. So you need to plan this carefully then get the know how to build it(the right tools included) be careful, but let me tell you it is most rewarding and cost effective.

  THE TERMINATOR 01:11 24 Dec 2004

Personally, I decided on P4, got a mobo,case & memory from PC World, and carried on from there, and built it all up in a couple of hours. Hope this helps....TT

  georgemac 07:52 24 Dec 2004

it is very worthwhile, a few pointers

case+psu - do not skimp here - a big well designed case will help with cooling and make the build easier, and a quality psu will ensure your components have a nice stable power supply. There are some very good deals on antec case/psu at present click here or click here the antec 350 watt psu will deliver more power than a lot of cheap 450/550 watt psu's and these cases also have a 120 mm exhuast fan included at the back

decide next what type cpu you want - for gaming amd athlon 64 is king, for multitasking or video editing p4 seems to have the edge. If you go for amd64, the latest winchester chip runs cooler and uses less power than the rest. It will depend on budget what you go for. click here is a winchester (I think) socket 939 motherboard (the latest) and 90 nm manufacturing process

graphics - pci express is the latest and the best and most expensive - depends if you game or not how much you want to spend here - the more you spend here the more power you need from the psu.

hard drive - go for sata - serial ata

memory - at least 512 mb - preferably 1 gbyte again depending what you want to do.

good luck

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