pc build

  computer novice 20:55 30 Dec 2003

I wish to build my own computer! Can anyone please give me a name of a site that can direct me or even tell me themselves. Greatly appreciated

  hugh-265156 21:07 30 Dec 2003

some very good how to videos click here

also click here

may help a bit

  dave-jens 21:08 30 Dec 2003

I have just done mine. Check out click here, it has everything about how to build it! It is american so I chose my own componants but the site gives all the tech details from chosing bits to assembly, first boot, installing operating system etc.

  GlasgowMary 13:29 01 Jan 2004

Thanks Huggyg71 - the sites you gave were really informative and have given me the confidence to build my own PC.

I work in IT support and have installed Windows OSs, hardware and software ad infinitum, but have never really understood how it all gels. I suppose it's like flying a plane on autopilot - you're OK as long as the parts interact - when something goes wrong, it helps if you know what the parts actually do.


  961 13:38 01 Jan 2004

click here is worth a look

Take your time, don't try to do it in one go and, above all, enjoy it

  GlasgowMary 16:07 01 Jan 2004

Thanks 961,

I've registered and will look at the site with interest.

I've also got out all my recent pc advisor mags to find the best components (video cards etc) to use in my new PC. I have to consider price, but what's the point if I don't end up with a state of the art PC?

I once helped a friend look up the meaning of motherboard beeps (when his upgraded PC wouldn't boot up) from an edition of PC Advisor. If anything goes wrong then, hopefully, this will tell me which components are faulty or not seated correctly. Can anyone remember which edition this was featured in? I've still got all the mags but it would take me hours of research to find the FAQ.

I've been thinking about doing this for years! 2004 is the year I will do it. I'm sure you lot will help if I have any problems.

Will keep you posted on my progess.


  Peanut001 16:33 01 Jan 2004

i presume u dont read pc advisor then as theres been a how to build your own pc story going on.
if u do look through your old mags!

  leo49 16:39 01 Jan 2004

click here

click here

Another 2 part "How to" which I found useful.

  GlasgowMary 18:08 01 Jan 2004

Dear Peanut001,

You're wrong, I read every edition of PC Advisor and the 'How to Build your Own PC' Edition' which is why I know that there is a FAQ about motherboard beeps. I was hoping that someone out there could save me some time. Forget it. I'd rather go thru every mag than go thru you!

Thanks for nothing,

One of the best places for problem solving is here!

There is always someone willing to help you out!

  leo49 18:25 01 Jan 2004

click here

The above is one "beeping" guide.

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