PC Build

  Simac 17:12 03 Aug 2003

I am looking to build my own PC from scratch, but want reccomendation, on what to get in the way of best parts... budgeting on about £500 for the following...CPU, Case, Memory, sound card, Video card, Hard Drive, DVD Drive, internal modem and Motherboard... if anyone can give me some sort of price guide and the suitable brands to get I would appreciate it...

  pj123 17:26 03 Aug 2003

Take a chance and look here click here

  [email protected] 17:46 03 Aug 2003

It has been said that building yourself from scratch isn`t always cost effective and you might be better going for a complete system without the OS.

P.S. does the £500 include a monitor.

  [email protected] 17:48 03 Aug 2003

If you teally want to build from scratch then the motherboard/cpu/ram bundles here are a good place to start:

click here

  [email protected] 18:02 03 Aug 2003

p.s. for "teally" read "really". (my fingers must still be drunk :-)

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