PC broken flickering screen help

  Keelan1421 13:13 17 Apr 2017

I was playing on my pc, when suddenly the screen started flickering then suddenly all I could see was stripes and nothing else, I restarted it and can't boot windows it just has a black screen how can I fix this please help

  mole44 13:27 17 Apr 2017

Is it a laptop or desktop,have to checked connections (Power down first)

  Keelan1421 14:14 17 Apr 2017

@mole44 it's a pc... I can boot it up in safe mode the screen looks a bit weird but yeah.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:21 17 Apr 2017

check the monitor cable at rear of PC and monitor.

Try updating the graphics drivers.

If your happy to open the box its always worth removing and refitting the graphics card and give it a dust off in the process.

  Keelan1421 15:52 17 Apr 2017

Okay so, I installed the drivers I'm not too sure if they are the right ones but it says no card detected I think this may be as it's on safe mode but when I boot the pc it says windows has failed to start a recent hard ware or software change my be the cause. If windows files have been damaged or configured incorrectly startup repair can

  rdave13 16:14 17 Apr 2017

Have a look if the motherboard has a video output, usually found at the rear of the pc vertically. If it has then shut down the PC, disconnect from mains, and remove the dedicated card from the motherboard. Close up the PC and connect your monitor to the motherboard's GPU port. See if it works ok on booting.

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