PC Bootup problem

  BabyOp 19:36 12 Aug 2003

Just got back from my friends and he has a problem. He had a Samsung V200 phone attached through a cable to COM1 on his PC so he could transfer ringtones from the PC to the phone. He's running XP and installed EasyGPRS from Samsung to do the transfers and everything was working away happily for around 45 minutes and then a message popped up stating " Not enough memory " he said it didn't look like a standard windows error and then everything died. Checked the PC and there seems to be power going to the CD, DVD, CDR and all the fans are spinning but there is no signal to the monitor and it doesn't boot. I have removed the memory as this would be reported upon bootup but it doesn't even seem to get this far.

Anyone got any ideas ??? Please he's desperate.

  xania 09:28 13 Aug 2003

In the absence of any more experienced advice, and to bump this enquiry, I would say that the problem almost certainly lies with either the motherboard or the CPU having blown. Cannot suggest why this may have happened but if POST is not getting to check the memory, it must be one or other.

Come on guys and gals - where do we go from here.

  xania 09:29 13 Aug 2003

Ah! just a thought, BabyOp. What mobo? I think some have internal fuses - could be?????

  BabyOp 18:09 13 Aug 2003

MoBo is a Chaintech 7CTKJD
CPU 1.4 Athlon

Tried another PSU but still getting power to the IDE drives but still no POST starting.

  woodchip 18:48 13 Aug 2003

I would suspect the CPU as we have been having extreme, heat. You can only test it by substitution.

  BabyOp 21:02 13 Aug 2003

Just got back from my friends house and we have tested everything apart from Mobo, CPU & memory. We replaced the PSU and nothing, someone else suggested to me that it may be the Mobo as it's not even attempting to POST. I have removed the AGP card expecting beeps but nothing. There must be some power going through the Mobo as the fan on the CPU starts to spin.

He's getting desperate now and is contemplating just getting a new Mobo, is there any thing I can do to test the Mobo before he splashes the cash ???

  BBez 21:33 13 Aug 2003

strip the system down to just the PSU, Mobo, CPU, RAM, PC Speaker and Floppy Disk to see if you get any POST Error Codes...

  BabyOp 21:40 13 Aug 2003

BBez we have tried that nothing at all happens. No signal to monitor ( card workd fine in his brothers machine ) and no beeps at all.

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