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PC boots but no picture

  Hetti 12:29 02 Mar 2010

I have an old PC abt 7yrs, it has had a replcement drive which is still under garantee with Seagate.

When I try to turn on the PC it makes a longish beep then seems to do the usual, but there is no picture on the monitor, the green light on monitor turns Red.
Is there any way to esablish if it is a hard drive error when I cant get PC on.

  lotvic 12:42 02 Mar 2010

I presume you have already checked all the connections.

Switch off pc completely (wall plug) disconnect the Hard drive, AND all other, printer etc.
switch pc back on and see if bios boots and displays on screen.
(to switch off the pc after just hold the power button on for about 5-10 seconds until it switches off)

If it does then repeat the above with HDD connected

and repeat for each piece of 'extras' cards, printers etc. adding them one by one until you find the one that is causing problem.

It could be the graphic card if you have one fitted (not onboard)

  lotvic 12:43 02 Mar 2010

If it does display then repeat the above with HDD connected

  Hetti 13:55 02 Mar 2010


I disconneted hard drive (I dont know how to disconnect card reader or graphics card, the PC did start to boot then,I got black screen wiyh white text at the bottom it said "DISK BOOT FAILURE INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER" (I was getting nothing at all with hard drive connected)
Does this tell you anything?
Im not very good with this sort of thing, I dont mind trying though because it is an old PC and I might learn something.

  Hetti 14:01 02 Mar 2010

When I connected the hard drive again I got nothing at all,same as my first post

  Terry Brown 14:18 02 Mar 2010

It seeems to be saying that the Hard Drive has failed, however it could be a simple hardware problem like:

The IDE cable is not fully inserted into the motherboard or Drive ,or the power cable is slightly loose- check these first.

Check the BIOS to see if the harddrive is listed as the first boot item.

As the machine is 7 years old, I presume you have a floppy drive.

If you are using XP create a floppy disk with the following files:


You will need to show all system and hidden files to see them

Set the bios to access the floppy as first boot device, and see if this boots the system.

If you are using another operating system, insert the boot disk for that system (boot disks available from ) see link
click here

If you can get a boot up screen, insert your CD into the drive and try to repair the system.

  Hetti 14:36 02 Mar 2010

Thanks Terry

While waiting for a reply, I connected the hard drive again and tried , this time it booted uo OK. So maybe a loose connection as you say.
It does have floppy drive but it has never been used, so I dont know if it is OK, but I would not know how to make a rescue disk with the file you mention :>(

Should I wait to see what happen when I try to reboot again?

  lotvic 14:46 02 Mar 2010

I agree sounds as if it was a loose connection on HDD

  Hetti 14:59 02 Mar 2010

Thanks all

Ill see how it goes

  Ian in Northampton 17:19 02 Mar 2010

Just as an addition to this. My son's PC exhibited similar problems after he knocked it over. You could clearly hear the system trying to boot (hard dive sound) but nothing was happening on the monitor. Turned out, the graphics card had got dislodged. I reseated it and everything worked fine. I'm just wondering if, in your case, tinkering around inside the machine, you 'accidentally' knocked the graphics card back into place, which is why the monitor showed the error message when you rebooted, and why it's subsequently worked OK?

  lotvic 19:35 02 Mar 2010

Yeah. the first thing suggested was:
"I presume you have already checked all the connections"
That does mean all the connections inside and out.
Taking them out and re-seating them.

As you found out with your son's pc it easily happens.

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