PC boots up by its self

  Paul-269083 17:32 10 Sep 2004

I have windows XP Home, zone alarm and AVG anti virus,I also have broadband. My PC keeps booting up by itself, any ideas what to do

  Jeffers22 17:37 10 Sep 2004

Do you still have a modem connected to the telphone line? If so it could be that your bios is set to "wake on ring"

Do you have another machine connected to it on a network? If so, bios could be set to Wwake on LAN"

Is it only after a short power outage? This happened with my son's PC, if so take a look at the power management settings.

  Paul-269083 07:37 11 Sep 2004

Thanks for your response done all what you said still the same, some times it does it aftyer 20 minutes some times it goes for days then boots up

  Jeffers22 09:04 11 Sep 2004

Could be a faulty power switch that reacts to a small power surge or spike.

In addition to shutting down, turn the rocker switch on the PSU at the back of the PC to off and that will prevent it happening again.

  Paul-269083 12:09 11 Sep 2004

Thanks for this, so you think it could be hardware problem, because I have a warranty, I was more concerned that it was a virus etc


  Jeffers22 13:30 11 Sep 2004

More likely to be hardware - not quite sure how it could be virus, they need the PC to be on to run a piece of code. They cannot start the machine.

If still under warranty, get in touch with the supplier/manufacturer.

  jz 20:54 11 Sep 2004

Mine does this. I now always turn it off at the mains after I shut it down, which also reduces my electricity bill a little. I've been told that in standby, a computer takes more power than you might think, although a lot less than it takes when it's on of course.

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