PC booting to BIOS

  Colio 09:29 16 Dec 2003

Does anyone know why a PC would boot to the bios screen and all the bios setting ie clock,hard drive etc have to be reset. I am unable to get past this as when resetting the bios it reboots and ends up back in the bios.

any help


  [email protected]@m 09:33 16 Dec 2003

Strange! Is the delete key stuck? Try booting with the keyboard unplugged.

  Colio 09:36 16 Dec 2003

Thanks [email protected]@m
But don't think so - and would that cause the bios settings to reset?

  Diodorus Siculus 10:07 16 Dec 2003

A dead CMOS battery perhaps? How old is the battery / PC?

For some reason the settings are not being saved. Do you tell it to exit the bios and save settings?

  Colio 10:21 16 Dec 2003

Thanks Diodorus Siculus - Changed Battery and this did not resolve the problem and i "save on exit" which causes it to re-boot. But it still ends up back in the bios.

  LastChip 10:34 16 Dec 2003

On the motherboard, there should be a jumper for clearing the CMOS (BIOS).

Check it's not been left in the clear position.

  Colio 10:40 16 Dec 2003

Thanks LastChip - Initialy i cleared the cmos as part of my first steps.
The bit that causes me most concern is the resetting of the bios information.

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