PC Boot/Backup

  maxxeh 21:47 25 Jul 2007

I have just got a new Pc, as the old one started failing to boot.

Now I'd like to copy all my old files and folders to my new computer, but the old one won't boot. I have tried installing vista and xp loads of times, and repairing doesnt help. (I'm guessing its a dual-boot problem)

Is there any way I can Transfer the files over the network using command prompt? (through the vista boot disk)

Or can anyone recommend another way to transfer the files? (other than plugging the HDD into the new pc)

  Strawballs 22:06 25 Jul 2007

Could you not put the old drive into the new machine as a slave transfer over then format and use as backup drive?

  beaky1993 22:08 25 Jul 2007

My suggestion would be to use your new PC to make a Ubuntu Linux 6.06 LTS Installation CD. Doing this will allow you to access your HDD outside Windows, enabling you to save your files to another HDD, such as an iPod or External Hard Drive.

If this is a feasible option, click here to download the ISO file. I bore you with instructions here, so I'd like to direct you to the Ubuntu Dual Booting instruction page: click here

Nb: You don't have to read the first 2 sections, you can go straight to section 3.

Hopefully this should be easilly enough to follow, if not, there are other sites that you can find on Google that simplify the process.

Hope this helps.

  beaky1993 22:09 25 Jul 2007

Sorry, "I bore you" should be "I don't want to bore you".

My apologies.

  maxxeh 22:13 25 Jul 2007

Sorry Strawballs but my PC isn't custom built like my old one, and I dont want to tamper with the insides incase I void the warranty!

I may have to resort to using linux! :o

Unfortunately I had to format one of the 3 drives so there's room to install it anyway, although Windows doesnt seem to want to install to it..No idea why..Unless It's completely fried

  pj123 11:20 26 Jul 2007

Get one of these:

click here

then you can use it like an external drive. Just plug it in to your USB port and switch on.

£17.95 including VAT and Delivery.

  wee eddie 11:27 26 Jul 2007

You can buy an empty Enclosure for about a tenner. Take the drive out of your old PC > put it into the Enclosure, if I can do it anyone can, > Lo & behold, you have an External Hard Drive > Plug it into the Mains and the USB of your New PC > Copy the files across.

Once you are happy that you have every thing moved to the new PC > use Windows to Format your External Drive and use it for Back-ups.

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