PC Boot Up Problem

  [DELETED] 19:46 14 May 2006

This is probably a very common problem but would appreciate some advice before taking my PC int to be mended.

At first, my PC running Windows XP would not power up at all, then it would burst into life and load Windows and operate ok for a short period of time, before dying again. I am now left with power on but no boot up, not even any of the diagnostics running on the display. The HDD light is permanently on and hitting the reset button or powering down and on again does not have an effect.

Please can anyone point me in the right direction to determine the likely cause and if there is anything that I can do before enlisting some help through the proper repair channels.

Many thanks

  RobCharles1981 19:49 14 May 2006

I rekon the Power Supply or Mobo is too blame here

  woodchip 19:59 14 May 2006

AS the hard drive light is on, the computer is having problems reading the boot on the drive and windows files. anything could have been the cause of this

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:02 14 May 2006

Unplug both leads to the HDD, does the screen come up with an error message about drive error or No operating system found?

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