PC boot failure

  Newuser2124 22:50 30 Dec 2004

A mate called to say that his Siemens Pc (given to him by sister in law)fails to boot when turned on. It will sometimes boot when he hits reset.PC is a Pentium and I'm guessing running something like win95SE or ME.

Power lights to PC and monitor both come on, but nothing shows up on the screen and PC makes intermitant beep. I'm going there Saturday to check for obvious cable problems etc, but I'm wondering if this is sounding like battery related / HDD failure. Any suggestions?

  woodchip 22:58 30 Dec 2004

Check the Graphics card and Memory are seated OK, remove and refit with the plug out of the wall socket. You could also try at boot keep pressing F8 and choose prompt from the list and then type SCANREG /RESTORE try a old date. also from prompt you can run SCANDISK and DEFRAG

  Strawballs 23:01 30 Dec 2004

Sounds more like Bios on MoBo but I'm affraid you will have to wait for 1 of the more knowledgable for this one.

  woodchip 23:04 30 Dec 2004

PS you need to make a note of the beeps

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:40 30 Dec 2004

Beep codes listed click here

  Phil930 00:28 31 Dec 2004

i had this problem and re-inserting the memory helped.

Unfortunately my mobo was broken though, probably from my tampering. But definately re-insert the memory and the graphcis card, all with power of and grounded of course.

And find out what that beep relates to, every beep from the mobo gives a diagnosis to something. The manual or suggested link should help.

  Trajan 21:41 01 Jan 2005

Have checked cables etc and all fine. Tried F8, Del, at boot up and nothing. Tried Ctrl/Alt/Del, nothing.

Opened up and all cards and bits inside seated correctly.

Noticed that Caps lock and Num lock not lighting up during boot sequence. Tried presing them when everything "on" and still nothing. Swapped keyboard with same result. Beep signal sounds like 3 long beeps, so thanks Fruitbat, it could well be the keyboard card according to your list.

As this is all part of the big Motherboard, is this the end or a big job of swapping Mother board and rebuilding?

  woodchip 21:44 01 Jan 2005

Try a new PSU

  Trajan 23:08 02 Jan 2005

Woodchip, I know a little but not as much as I would like. What's a PSU?

  Technotiger 23:17 02 Jan 2005

PSU is the Power Supply Unit that powers the whole sheebang!!


  woodchip 15:02 03 Jan 2005

The big box at the top back of your computer system box, the one with all the wires

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