PC 'blue screening' need solution

  Elliot O'Neill 21:01 30 Jan 2018

My pc is nearly a year old, it has been running completely fine up until decemeber when I got a windows update and things started going downhill. I managed to fix the majority of the issues but I was still left with my pc at random times instantly restarting, the screen will go black and boot up fresh. I have went to my event viewer and taking a photo which i will attach of the error. I will list as much about what I'm running in my pc as I can or think will be helpful as I'm not extremely knowledgeable in this field but any advice will be grateful.

Processor: AMD FX - 8300 Eight-core processor 3.30GHz


Graphics: Radeon RX 480 Graphics

Core Clock: 1300GHz

OS: Windows 10 Pro

  Elliot O'Neill 21:11 30 Jan 2018

photo didn't attach properly, click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:05 30 Jan 2018

Download and run blue screen view it will interrogate the mini dumps and give you good indication as to what is causing the problem.

My guess is the update has replaced a driver and a simple roll back of the appropriate driver will solve the problem.

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