Eldarchik 04:08 06 Sep 2013

Hi all, I'm looking for help with my pc. I tried installing diablo 3 via disc and it only gets to 8 percent and the computer either just shuts off or it gives a blue screen with a message at the top that says Memory Management and yes I have already checked my ram one by one and nothings changed. When I open a game to play called Payday it goes to the menu and I join a game if I get that far and the game just turns off and it goes back to my desktop. I tried taking out my SSD and just using my WD hard drive which is 1gig and I used my boot disks from gateway and did the recovery. Once the install was done my computer had to restart I guess to take me to the windows set up but it just took me to a black screen with a flashing white dot at the top left. Going on the internet or trying to figure this out doesn't shut my pc off or cause any problems. Its very weird that some things are fine and others cause problems like the above. for some reason I cant use the boot disk to recover my ssd. it says cannot find file path. IS this a hardware or Software issue.

  Eldarchik 04:18 06 Sep 2013

sorry for the horrible grammar. :(

  spuds 09:39 06 Sep 2013

Was the Diablo 3 disc a copy of a copy or an original?.

  Chronos the 2nd 09:48 06 Sep 2013

It would really help if you would list your components, CPU,RAM GPU maybe motherboard, power supply and operating system.

I think you went with an overkill solution with the removal of the SSD then recovery ETC as I think you have made things decidedly worse than a it was.

And could post a detailed list of what you have done from the moment you had the problem with Diablo?

  Eldarchik 15:30 06 Sep 2013

Diablo is original. I have windows 7 premium 64 bit. Video card is ati 6770 hd series. Intel i7 core 2600. Acer motherboard. Two hard drives. One Samsung ssd 120mb. One wd caviar black 1tb. Computer was prebuilt by gateway. It's an fx6850. The problem was before diablo I was getting blue screens and then that stopped. Then games were just turning off randomly. 6 months ago the 1.5tb seagate hd failed so I bought the ssd for speed and the wd for space. Put the ssd as primary and made the wd a partition. So after realizing I had big problems I thought one drive was faulty mainly the ssd cause that is what windows was installed on so I removed it and ran the recovery discs on the wd to see if I can get windows freshly installed but after install the screen just went black after the restart. I wasn't able to use the recovery discs on the ssd and I don't know why. I removed the video card and ran the Hdmi off the motherboard video card and the same problems happened. Check all the ram one by one and the same problem kept happening. Hope this is enough info.

  Eldarchik 15:31 06 Sep 2013

And 12 gigs of ddr3 ram

  Eldarchik 15:36 06 Sep 2013

Also after moving all the drives around its now back to normal and turns on like normal. I definitely didn't make it worse. It's already bad and nothing has changed. All stayed the same.

  finerty 17:07 06 Sep 2013

is there an option f booing from the disc drive and by any chance did you set the ide drive to another format like ice, this is what happens pn my laptop

  Eldarchik 18:02 06 Sep 2013

That is how I booted with the boot discs. What is IDE drive and what is ice.

  woodchip 18:50 06 Sep 2013

I think when you are trying to load it, the Program is trying to access Memory slots already in use hence Blue Screen

  lotvic 19:13 06 Sep 2013

'ice' is what finerty should be putting in more of and also more of the melted variety.

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