PC on the blink

  bovthedog 13:01 30 Dec 2011

My PC has taken to shutting down at what seems like random intervals. Sometimes the boot screen hangs and needs a 'ESC' to continue, but sometimes not. It can also shut down while Windows XP (SP3) is loading and also after it has loaded or at anytime after but normally within the first few minutes. My browser (Firefox) will crash with an apology (very thoughtful). After system has been running for 5 minutes it will run for rest of the day. After shut-down PC will not restart for 1 minute as though there is a timer preventing restart. After a restart I get an option screen asking which Windows mode to start but if I select 'Safe Mode' all I get is a list of drivers. After trying to restart after 'Standby' PC will shut down. I'm drawn to an HDD problem as it is has got noisier. Any other thoughts much appreciated before I replace the HDD. My mobo is an Asrock P4 with AMI v02.54 BIOS. PC has been running now for 15 minutes without problems.

  bovthedog 17:16 30 Dec 2011

Thanks Buteman. I ran chkdsk and no problems reported. I did further search and cold/condensation could be a problem. My PC is in quite a cold room overnight and it it is possible that condensation forms which would explain why it's difficult to start first thing.

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