Pc bits and bobs for free!!!!

  jonnytub 02:38 31 Jul 2004

Thought that might get your attention.

I may get wrong off FE for posting this, as the pca site is not exactly the classifieds in your local gazette.

This post the other day click here got my wife on my back about all the bits and bobs i have lying around the house, because i give two little adaptors away she who must be obeyed asked if i could do the same with the rest, reluctantly i agreed.

Here is a list of what's up for grabs:

Packard bell (blue and black in colour) wireless usb mouse, Genius graphics tablet wireless mouse pen (8x6) usb, Geforce Fx 5600 graphics card (agpx8), hauppage win tv usb, Playstaion and usb (dual) joypad, webcamera, conexant external modem, plain jane 54x speed cd rom, various sound cards (old ones) and internal modems.

Most is less than 6 months old. First come first served. Email me for details on anything, all i ask is that you send a cheque for the postage (special delivery £4.05 i think) ONLY after you have received the item and found it to be in good working order!. I trust you fella's.

Sorry FE if the post is innapropriate, remove as you feel neccessary,

Regards John.

  jonnytub 02:41 31 Jul 2004

sorry geforce fx 5200 gfx card !!

  jonnytub 02:47 31 Jul 2004

also this keyboard click here has a slightly sticky space bar that needs cleaned a bit, for those of you who know how. Not really sticky just every now and ag ain.

  hugh-265156 02:47 31 Jul 2004

thank you for such a nice offer.

  jonnytub 02:56 31 Jul 2004

your welcome, it saves the headache if you know what i mean ;-)
(sorry about the gfx card typo)

  jonnytub 03:04 31 Jul 2004

Huggy71 has claimed the Hauppage wintv usb.

  jonnytub 03:13 31 Jul 2004

Im in the middle of a full reinstall so i shall check email and this thread first thing in the morning. I should really get some kip!

  jonnytub 03:23 31 Jul 2004

i seem to be diving between email and pca site, could requests be made via this thread plz, thanks guys.

  jonnytub 03:24 31 Jul 2004

web camera gone to leo the lion via email

  jonnytub 03:35 31 Jul 2004

also may i add, i've just found my first digi cam and that's gotta go too (you guys are probably thinking im crazy about now) it's a kodak 2m pixel cx4230 3xoptical and 2xcrapical (digital) + docking station and rechargeable battery, my teeth are starting to grind, divorce is an option but i love her (this is where you all go ahh!),
incase your wondering why i'm giving this away, the reasons are the nagging, pointless selling in paper as it probably costs more to advertise than the profit i might make, and the biggest point is that i just can't be bothered, it's a lot easier to post here and then pay a visit to the post office.

Regards Jonny

  jonnytub 03:39 31 Jul 2004

disregard that love nonesense, she has just suggested i get rid of my backup 17" crt, what!!!!

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