PC Bel

  ulrich 20:25 23 Jul 2004

I have been given a PC Bel, with a Cirrus graphics card, a P166 CPU, gigabyte triton m/b, one live earwig, one evicted spider and a few bits and pieces there also seems to be bird poo on the case,32mb memory, Quantum HD size u/k, 200W psu AND AN UNKNOWN o/s. It has been out in the open for the last couple of days. The problem is I don't get anything on the monitor when I turn it on, only beeep beeep beeep, is this the earwig? This is a Christmas present for my son. I have also insisted to Evesham this is the computer I had from them 2yrs ago but they won't send out a service engineer.
Should I buy a new g card?

  Gongoozler 20:50 23 Jul 2004

Multiple beeps usually indicates a memory problem. Open the box, remove and reseat any plug-in cards and especially any memory modules. While you are in there, make sure everything is completely dry. CMOS logic circuits, which most modern computer parts are, work at very high impedences and only small amounts of moisture can stop them working. If the circuits have got damp from being left outside moisture can get trapped underneath the components and can be very difficult to remove.

  ulrich 14:45 24 Jul 2004

Thanks I will make sure everything is dry, it didn't really get wet.

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