PC beeping ,monitor :no signal+keyboard prob

  PorkFarmer 10:47 05 Jan 2010

Yesterday i was surfing the net when my keyboard decided to start playing up,then my mouse,i was clicking to go on my profile but it was opening new pages? then i restarted pc and it wouldn't allow me to enter my password on start up it kept stating it was incorrect.I disconneccted everything and used my sisters pc tower and it worked ok.so i connected mine back up and tried again this time i have a monitor that says "no signal" and my tower is beeping firstly one shrill beep,then pause and 2 beeps then pause and 3 beeps????? please someone help this goon to get her pc up and running again as it is annoying and i want to throw it out of the window!!!!!!!!

  Technotiger 10:58 05 Jan 2010

Hi, this sounds like Video/Graphics Card problems.

If you are ok with delving inside your PC, you could start by giving the inside a good clean out, dust/fluff etc. Then if you have a graphics card, as opposed to on-board graphics on the motherboard, you should remove and then refit the graphics card, making sure it is firmly seated in its slot - while you have it out give the slot area a good clean too.

Also check all connections inside and outside the PC, especially the external Keyboard connection - is the key board USB or PS? Can you try a different keyboard?

Just for starters, no doubt others will come to your rescue also!

  johndrew 11:00 05 Jan 2010

Bad news I`m afraid.

If you have a Phoenix BIOS, it is telling you the motherboard is bad click here

You could try replacing the backup battery in case that is causing the problem.

You could also try looking at the motherboard to see if any damage is visible but it may be a small component that has failed.

  OTT_Buzzard 11:01 05 Jan 2010

When you say you disconnected everything, is that the keyboard & mouse you are referring to?

What make / model of PC do you have? If it's a home build, what motherboard do you have?

In any case, it sounds power supply related. It's not uncommon during cold weather for PSU's to fail.

  OTT_Buzzard 11:02 05 Jan 2010

lol. 3 replies, 3 different answers!

  Technotiger 11:13 05 Jan 2010

Hiya - trouble is, any one or even all three, could be relevant! No doubt others will come along too ...

  woodchip 11:17 05 Jan 2010

AS above either a bad Motherboard or faulty PSU, followed by bad memory, if you have more than one stick of memory you could try running with just one stick on its own at a time. change them round to try each strip of memory

  PorkFarmer 11:39 05 Jan 2010

erm i wouldnt know where to begin to be honest i don't know if i dare to take it apart ,i have just looked at where you connect the power cable and it looks like one of the pins is loose but i dont understand why as it hasn't been knocked??? i have pulled it back out and turned on power and the tower itself has power(all the lights are on) but still no monitor????????? don't even know what pc or motherboard it is sorry to be so useless

  cream. 11:50 05 Jan 2010

lets see if you have a graphics card in the computer or is it onboard graphics.

With the power cord removed from the computer, look at the rear of the computer where the lead from the monitor is connected to the computer. Is the end of the cable fitted into the little oblong panel where your usb, keyboard and mouse are connected. The connection will be vertical. If it is it's onboard graphics.

If the connection is further down the computer and is connected horizontily, you have a graphics card.

  Technotiger 11:50 05 Jan 2010

In that case, I would advise getting a PC person to have a look at it, 'cos it does not look like a simple matter of manipulating software on the PC.

  Technotiger 11:58 05 Jan 2010

Hi, fine for us, but .. wouldn't know where to begin ..... when referring to entering the case!

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