PC becoming unresponsive after booting up

  Luke Foster 22:15 20 Jan 2018

After booting up my PC, it becomes unresponsive; I can still move the mouse cursor however I cannot click or do anything on the PC.

The PC is running on Windows 7

Please get back to me asap

  wee eddie 23:04 20 Jan 2018

Please tell us a little more.

What Security Software are you running. Anti Virus, Anti Malware, Hard Drive maintenance like CCleaner, etc.

  Luke Foster 23:10 20 Jan 2018

I have CCleaner, MSE and BT Virus Protect. The only things downloaded in the past week were Steam games and since then I did a System Restore to 11/01/18

  AroundAgain 23:39 20 Jan 2018

Why did you feel you needed to do the system restore?

  Luke Foster 23:46 20 Jan 2018

I did the system restore when the problem just started occuring, it was one of the only things I could do before the computer became unresponsive. Since the System Restore did nothing I thought the problem might be hardware based but I was hoping for someone more qualified than myself could she some light on things.

  wee eddie 01:13 21 Jan 2018

Could this be a conflict between MSE and BT Virus Protect.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:49 21 Jan 2018

Will it start in safemode? Press F8 as you power on to get to the repair menu and start in safemode.

  Luke Foster 15:27 21 Jan 2018

It's the same in safemode. I could try uninstalling MSE but they've coexisted on my computer for a while now.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:32 21 Jan 2018

I suggest you run a repair install from the win 7 DVD click here

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