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  esco 10:35 21 Jun 2003

I wonder how many computer users know that there is a battery inside their computer that needs to be replaced from time to time. When my computer started to have keyboard problems I did not think to check the battery since I had recently replaced it nor did I think to check the time. For some five minutes after switching on 45RTFGVB would not work. Then the PC refused to work at all and I did check the battery ? it had dropped to 0.5 volts!
Replacing the battery brought my PC back to life but it had been without the battery for several days and now I have to rerun SETUP because it tells me that the CMOS settings are incorrect and I have to reset the date/time. Luckily I made a note of the original settings but the problem now is I cannot get the PC to store these values and I have to repeat the process each time I switch on.
The CMOS messages say CMOS Settings Wrong, CMOS Checksum Bad, CMOS Display Type Wrong.
I have a Direct Computers PC with an Intel Pentium II and MMX chipset. There is 128MB RAM and a 6GB Hard Disk. The offending battery is a 2032 3v Li and the BIOS is American Megatrends Inc AMIBIOS 1996 Release 02/05/1998 S
Although I can use my PC, it is driving me nuts. I do not know how to restore the CMOS values that apparently affect the Display and Checksum.
Please you help?

  rubella 10:56 21 Jun 2003

surely if you short the cmos jumper, and then after pressing F1 select best performance settings it will them itself. hopefully, it will then be stable for you to tweak to optimize.

  rubella 10:58 21 Jun 2003

should be a "find" twixt "will" and "them". DOH

  AMD_MAN23 11:15 21 Jun 2003

You may have corrupted your bios and may need to use a bios update.


  Forum Editor 11:19 21 Jun 2003

have a special jumper which you can use to short the battery connection, and thus reset the CMOS.

Otherwise, remove the battery and leave it out for a minute - that should have the same effect.

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