PC Bang/high noises and blank screens help please

  Bruce Field 22:37 08 Jan 2018

At the weekend, whilst my PC was on I heard a loud bang. The PC stayed on and there was no smell/smoke - I wasn't even sure it was my PC. However since then, I've now been getting a high-pitched noise from inside the case that changes pitch when I scroll a window, move the mouse, when the computer is doing something etc. Today I've also had the screen go blank (different colours), then immediately black as the screen restarts (loses video connection and then resets?).

I've opened the case but can't see any evidence of something that has blown or been damaged.

I need some advice please as to what these problems might be. My power supply is about 6 years old so could it be something in that that has blown and therefore to get a new PSU? Or would it be something on my graphics card?

Any advice welcome thanks as I need to get this sorted ASAP.

  alanrwood 10:30 09 Jan 2018

The PSU is the most likely culprit and probably the cheapest item to replace so that is where I would start. Have a good smell around the old one as usually there will be a tell tale burned odour. If it went with a bang it is likely that one of the smoothing electrolytic capacitors blew which might still allow the PSU to supply power but it would not be a smooth power supply.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:05 09 Jan 2018

Check you fans and temperatures.

  Bruce Field 16:33 13 Jan 2018

Thanks for the replies. I bought a new PSU which was a better quality than the one that was in there and gave everything a good clean in the process. Despite a BSOD on first startup that Windows then fixed, and having to download Google Chrome again, everything seems to be fine and probably better than it was before.

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