PC auto restart NEED HELP!

  nava92 03:05 17 Dec 2008

alright so i have a customized computer that i had put together using some new and some old components. And for some reason it seems to randomly restart itself while installing software, my recent problem has been trying to install WoW, the installation either always comes up with some kind of error message or restarts. Im just taking a guess that this is most likely caused by some of the used/old components in the pc.

Old Components....
512mb RAM x2
Hard drive

New Components....
pentium 4 processor
power supply that came with tower casing.
Video card

So please let me know what the problem might be, i think it might be the RAM chips, im not even sure where they came from, they were just given to me. Let me know what ur thoughts on the problem are, im willing to replace anything needed to have the computer run with ease.


  jack 07:25 17 Dec 2008

equally it could be software[ operating system]
Check all BIOS settings and the operating sys set up for auto reboot options to 'untick'

  canarieslover 08:56 17 Dec 2008

I'm assuming that you are still using XP on your system. Control Panel, System, Advanced tab, Start up and Recovery Settings button, untick Automatic restart. At least this might give you an error message when it crashes.

  nava92 00:24 20 Dec 2008

alright well i now am pretty sure that its my RAM because when i swapped their spots, one of the chips wasnt read during start up it said there was only 512mb when really there was 1gb and when this happend the computer ran flawlessly but then after a day or so it read 1gb again, and it was back to having problems. so when i took out either one of the RAM chips out it would always have some sort of problem, showing that i need both to run the computer. Is there some kind of way to wipe the RAM clean of any problems or do i just have to buy some new ones?

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